Here are some things you need to bring for class.


  • Tuning forks – Classic set (or your favorite total System set), High Om-2 (from Bible Oils set) in order to create the Essential Om set (Low Om, Om x 2, High Om-1, High Om-2). For those with limited travel space, we should be able to find some forks for you to use.
  • Essential oils – Your choice of oils to use for each Neuro-Endocrine Center (chakra); see VRT Workbook for some ideas. All of the Protocols will focus on Colon Cleansing, Lymphatic Drainage, Liver Detox and Kidney/Lung Tonification, so bring any of your favorite oils for these uses. When in doubt and if short of traveling space, I usually bring Frankincense and Valor and use them for everything.
  • Sheets – one set of massage table sheets, pillow cover, several small hand towels, 1 bath towel (you may be able to use your hotel towels if you remember to take them back to the hotel with you).
  • Books – Vibrational Raindrop Technique, VRT Workbook. For those short on travel space, the only one you really need is the VRT Workbook to make notes in.
  • Food – if you have special dietary needs, please bring food that you will need for snacks. We will provide fruit, nuts, bottled water, and homemade vegetarian quiche some mornings. There is a health food store (Golden Carrot) 3 blocks from our workshop location. Kroger grocery store is a few miles away on Park Avenue and has some food suitable for health-conscious folks. See link on FOOD for more information

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